I’m 25 today, woohoo!!! Can’t believe it. Not how old I am… though I am half way to 50 now. It’s more that I can’t believe where I am with my life now. 5 years ago I was in my guidance counselor’s office, changing my major for the second time that year. I felt drained. I felt like all this life stuff was stupid, honestly. I knew that the major I was choosing wasn’t what I wanted to do, I knew this wouldn’t be my last change, but there I was. Writing nutrition down on my green major change slip, thinking… I’ll be back to see you in a little bit.

And I did go back to see her… to switch to journalism, then ISC, then business and ultimately organizational communications. And every time I went back to see her I felt more and more drained. I felt like I would never be happy. I thought… maybe this is how I am supposed to feel now. Maybe what I do isn’t actually supposed to light me up.
It’s been a journey! And I think every year starts a new chapter. At 25, I am starting my year in a new country. I am completely changing the “norm” around me. At 25, I am busy owning a business that I am so in love with. That I don’t just see as a business, I also see it as my favorite activity every day. I wake up every single morning excited to get to work that day! At 25 I know what it is to be actually truly happy. Like for real happy, none of that fake nonsense. And that lesson right there is the one I am the most thankful to have learned, especially to have learned so early.

This year my word to live by was surrender, and I am still so excited to live by this word. Why did I pick this word? I chose it because it was something I needed to do with my plans. I needed to surrender to what is and what will be. All through the years, I was constantly seeking something, instead of just being sure. So this year I have been surrendering to the future and knowing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

It has been such a big refresher to actually, intentionally grow in a space that I recognized needed expansion.

So, that being said… what do I want to bring into this new chapter? What do I want to bring into year 25? I am making some commitments right here, with all of you watching!

More Space

Owning a business is A LOT. Not even going to lie to you. We wear 30 different hats at all times, especially when starting out. And rest is so, so important. I like to think of myself as a rest queen but since I love my work so much, sometimes I get sucked in so much that I forget! I know exactly what will happen if I continue like this… BURN OUT! And that is the absolute last thing that I want to happen. I want to continue waking up so excited for life! So 25 will allow me more space. More time to breathe. More intentional breaks, not distracted breaks.

More Connections

I have been creating some AMAZING connections over the last month! Shout out to all the entrepreneurs that I have met recently! You all are absolutely wonderful, and talented, and just fantastic humans!!! I seriously underestimated the power of connections online, I thought, “psh, I don’t need anyone. I’m doing my thing.”  But the online world can be lonely, and you can forget that when you go through something, someone else is probably going through it too. And just the power of partnerships and what can come out of talking to such amazing like minded people. So year 25 will allow even more beautiful connections! More virtual coffee dates, more chats about whatever is on our mind!!!

More Writing

When I started coaching I committed to writing. I committed to it not just on my blog, but also through my journal. With all the projects, and sessions, and Skype calls, the writing has fallen back. And I’ve noticed a change in my creativity, a lack of creativity. Writing is so powerful! Journaling in the mornings is a way to release your feelings, to let your true thoughts out, and it’s a way to really let the creativity flow! And honestly some mornings I just wake up and feel like I have nothing to say. We always have something to say, it’s just about feeling into it. I just heard someone say this on a podcast and LOVED it, “write 200 crappy words, and you will want to keep writing. You’ll want to expand on that thought.” So I commit to more writing year 25! Even if it is crappy, I don’t feel like writing today, but I committed so here I am writing – I commit to writing, for me.

More Adventures!
Of course more adventures! How could I not include this on my list, I am living in a new country! Adventures are a given every day. But I am redefining the word adventures. Life is an adventure, and I think you can have an adventure every day. Whether that means hiking a volcano, trying a new restaurant, trying to speak a different language, or just trying to speak to someone new! I want to find adventure and excitement in everything that I do.

25 is going to be an amazing year and I cannot wait to start to expand in all of these areas and more! I cannot wait to see what this chapter of my life brings to me!