When I’m not coaching, typing for one of my two blogs, selling jewelry, managing my social media accounts or Netflix binging, ha! I am probably hanging out with one of my favorite babies! In the midst of running two businesses and co-running a third, I nanny for a couple of pretty awesome babies. And it is one of my favorite activities, you see I LOVE working with kids and I think we could all use a lesson or 2 from a three year old.

Some of the happiest moments of my days are from the end of a silly song, the sweet compliment from a child (who doesn’t even know they’re making your day) or from my favorite sound – a baby giggle! Children are so authentic and confident, their creativity is inspiring to say the least. When do we as adults lose that?

A three year old can draw five squiggles on a paper and with such pride and confidence say “LOOK, I drew a hippo!” And they are so sure of it too, and I LOVE that! I love that their imperfections are absolutely perfect to them. I love that if you are messing up that day, they still think you’re perfect. At what stage in life do we decide everything has to look perfect or we’re not good enough?
The other day, I was having a particularly bad day, I had a lot on my mind and I felt a little frantic. But that all went on pause when I enjoyed a goldfish and peanut butter sandwich picnic in the park, and the girl tapped me on the shoulder in a moment of peace and said “Megan, you’re perfect.” This little one has no idea that comment, made my day.

They cry when they want to cry and they burst out laughing when something is funny – even if it’s a piece of cheese on the countertop. They need snuggles and 30 second dance parties to recharge. They wish they could have fruit snacks for every meal of the day – and don’t understand why that’s not okay. They ask questions like why can I not drive the car today and why can’t there be snow in Florida? They tell you your artwork is flawless, even though I have the art skills of a fifth grader. And when they sing the ABC’s and skip L,M,N,O,P for ELEMENO they do it with their head held high.

Let’s all embrace our inner three-year-old today… maybe skip the meltdowns though?!
Happy Friday!