I work with so many of my clients on getting to the happiest version of yourself! Comfort zone side effects may include: anxiety, worry, overwhelm, all effects of being stuck in your own head. And when you start to spiral into one fear story, it seems to just bring on another, and another, and another.

Until you fall into a black abyss of emotion and you aren’t sure how to get out.

No one will be happy 24/7 but you can be happy every day.

It is all about one thing: choice.

You have the power over your own thoughts. You create these thoughts. Even though you won’t always think: “okay now… what is my next thought going to be.” Your subconscious mind has stored up enough evidence as to why certain outcomes will occur. It also houses your believes, values, and your self worth.

That’s a lot of weight for a portion of your brain to hold isn’t it?!

I picture it like a massive office storing files and files of memories, stories… your truths.

But the thing you forget about this massive space in your mind is that YOU have the power to create new thoughts. To create space for new thoughts. To design new truths.

If you don’t like that childhood belief you have carried into the adult years… change it.

If you don’t love the story that is holding you in victimhood… make a new story.

If you have a memory that triggers under certain situations… make a new truth about it.

You have to WANT to shift it.
You have to decide that change is going to happen.

And you have to present yourself with new evidence.

Why can’t we be happy all the time?

Because we need the other emotions.

Humans learn through contrast.

How would you ever know great joy if you don’t know what sorrow is too?

Or to put this simply… how would you know what light is without dark.

True happiness. Real bliss. Happens when you honor all of your emotions.

When you allow yourself to feel.
How can you expect to feel anything great, when you ignore the not so great?

You don’t sulk in sorrow, just as much as you don’t hide in happiness.

You don’t need to be happy all the time. It doesn’t make you any less than to be sad, or frustrated, or confused. It doesn’t make you broken to have these feelings because we all have these feelings.

Every life has curve balls. And everyone faces the fails with the same opportunity to get back up.

You cannot be happy 24/7 but you can be happy every day.

How? By honoring every part of you. By dealing with the pain just as much as you deal with the happiness. Picking yourself up after the fails.

But I wanted to give you more than that today. I wanted to give you some actionable steps to take when you feel like you are being pulled into that emotional abyss.

1 Acknowledgment

You have to acknowledge your feelings in order to honor them. You have to acknowledge the contrast before you move forward with them. Simply catching the first emotion that comes about and feeling it. Not burying it, not ignoring it, and not judging yourself for having it. You were given this feeling for a reason. Honor that reason.

2 Solution

Happiness lives in the present moment. You can hope, wish, and manifest happiness for your future. You can remember happy memories from the past. But your happiness, your wild bliss… lives in the present. You know what else lives in the present? Solutions. When you are feeling down, instead of stewing in the blue, it’s time to find the solution to the light. What can you do for your happiness, right here right now?

3 Moving Forward

Onwards and upwards, it is time to let go. Surrendering to the idea of “what is” and “what will be” is the most powerful tool you can use for your happiness. You can move forward and let go with grace and ease. If you want to move out of the feeling that is not happiness you have to CHOOSE to move forward.

There ya go! Happiness every day all comes down to the power of your own mind. Believe in yourself and the rest comes natural.



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