This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5

Okay, so this one was a little hard for me because my mind works in the best of both worlds as far as organization goes. Today Natalie asked us to write out a daily success plan for our business.

So what do I mean my mind works in the both worlds of organization? I love, love, LOVE lists! Lists are my jam; I’ll make to-do lists, a list of tasks I completed off my to-do list, a list of places I like to work at, a list of things I need to invest in, a list of lists… you get the picture! I love knowing everything that needs to be done and when I write it out I know I am more likely to get them done! But on the other spectrum, I am super easily distracted. I get caught in a daydream more often than not, I like to think of a task that I haven’t put on my list and start doing it, social media is the death of me when I am trying to get things done and I don’t sit still well.


So how the heck do I get anything done?!
Well for starters I know for a fact that my daily success plan must include me not sitting on my couch or in my bedroom. Chances are I will be distracted by Netflix or a cleaning project. So step one, get my butt out of the house! I can go sit by my pool or my favorite café by the river. Anywhere but my lovely home. It is my comfort zone and I don’t work well in my comfort zone.

I have 1 hour in the morning to dedicate to my business and about 3 hours in the evenings to use! I think that is an ample amount of time to fit in some good work. So my 1 hour in the morning is my quiet (coffee) hour, this is my time for affirmations, reading and organizing my thoughts for the day. It’s also time for social media posting or scheduling.

My afternoon hours that I have to dedicate are a little more hectic, because I am very tired at this time, I have just finished my day with a crazy three year old + one year old and all I want to do is curl up in a ball and Netflix binge.

I know that I have to use the Pomodoro method for this time frame and I have to set a timer for myself or I will work for four hours straight without taking a break to have a sip of water. So in this time frame I will work on building my business, and I will pick one big task and two “housekeeping” tasks a day to work on. If I get them done before my three-hour window, perfect. If I don’t finish and it’s time for “me time,” then I will roll that task over to the next day.

I think that balancing my time is super important in my freedom business so that I can always be happy with my days!

If you’re starting a business, how do you manage your time?

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