Chasing Dreams and Making Goals

Chasing Dreams and Making Goals

Why I Hired a Business Coach and Why You Might Need One Too

August 10, 2017

“But you are a coach… I don’t understand why you need a coach.” Is what I heard when I decided I was going to hire an epic business coach! I want to get so honest with you in this post. Because recently I have had a lot of people come to me about starting their own business and ask… “but is it easy.” No… if it was easy, then everyone would do it, right?

But when you find a business that you are obsessed with, when you find something that you are super passionate about then it can feel easy. You start to enjoy failing because that means you tried and learned a lesson from it. You wake up super excited to work on everything that day and at the end of the day, you are ready for what tomorrow brings on. Some days you go, go, go and don’t even realize you haven’t eaten in 7 hours because you are seriously having a blast. It’s hard work you put in, but it feels effortless to you because it is what you are supposed to be doing. You are living out your purpose.
Sounds amazing right!? So in saying all of that… here’s where the coach came in. Sometimes you get so passionate – you forget that it’s okay to ask for help. You get so used to failing – that suddenly you forget to celebrate your wins, you feel like you are only failing. You get excited to wake up – but then you feel like you are alone in some of your trials. You go, go, go and try ALL OF THE THINGS – but all of the things aren’t for you. Enter Megan. Not me though! Megan Knapp, the business strategist I needed to set me back on my track.

So why do coaches need coaches? And do you need one?

Support Breeds Expansion

When you allow yourself to open up for support, you are allowing yourself to grow. Growth is not always comfortable. Growth can be really hard, and as a business owner, it can be hard to admit that you need to grow. You think you can do it alone. You think that you can make it by yourself because you made it this far already. With that mindset, you will just find yourself stuck. When you open yourself to support, when you allow yourself to accept help – you allow space and energy to open up and then you can expand much more effortlessly.

Walk the Talk

As a coach, we preach why coaching is so important and why having the support is so key. But when it comes down to it, when we need to help, we don’t always as for it. Just because someone is a coach, doesn’t mean they are a perfect human. You do not have to be perfect. You owe it to yourself and your clients to have your own support and grow in every area you need development in. You are the expert in what you preach but that doesn’t mean you have to be the expert all around.

Shiny Objects and Other Pretty Packages

Hi, I’m Megan and I have shiny object syndrome. Meaning I get distracted by anything that looks fun at any point. In the online world, there are a lot of shiny objects. There are all of these fancy programs that come so nicely packaged for you, they’re all so hard to resist. I wanted to try ALL OF THE THINGS! That’s when I realized, I really don’t need all of the things, but I do need a bit of focus. So my coach got me back to focusing on the areas I needed to focus on.

Nowhere to hide

Honestly – this is the best reason all around for anyone to hire a coach in any area of your life. There is nowhere to hide. You can’t use excuses or avoid something with a coach, you will have results. You will make things happen. Someone is there to call you out if you don’t and we as humans do not like being called out. But sometimes we need to be. Sometimes someone needs to call us on all out BS so that we can start making amazing things happen. There is no time to waste.

I hired a coach, I made epic things happen, I got back on track and guess what… I am still the amazing coach that I was before even though I had to raise my hand and ask for help! What kind of coach would I be if I preached that you need support in certain areas of your life to grow but then didn’t receive support when I needed it?! I feel so much more open now. I feel ready for more in my business. This is the power of a coach.

P.s. If you are looking for an amazing business strategist, head over here and check out the amazing Megan Knapp, promise she will get you RIGHT on track!


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Chasing Dreams and Making Goals

Top Five Productivity Hacks

July 28, 2017

Productivity hacks for you to start being more effective in your new business! Staying productive is rough right?! Before you know it you get so overwhelmed that you just find yourself scanning through Facebook instead of doing what was on your to-do list. Shout out to you if you have 5 different tabs open right now and 50 different things you need to be doing!

First things first, before we get into the hacks, look at what needs to get done and what is happening instead. Sometimes when we need to be the most productive and we aren’t, we are actually avoiding something. But yes, sometimes we are just being lazy.


Don’t have time to read now? Pin this for later ^ 

Questions to ask yourself when you are lacking in the productivity department:

1. What is my priority right now?
2. What am I focusing on right now?
3. Why am I focusing on that instead? (Be real with yourself here)

Number three is the key here, and you may need to sit with it for a minute. Don’t just accept the answer “I don’t know.” Think about what is the task you have as a priority and what is distracting you right now. Are you allowing yourself to give into the distraction because there is fear in what you need to get done? Or are you allowing yourself to mindlessly give in to the distraction because you forgot about your focus?

Pay attention to what you are doing. Often we go through our day so mindlessly that we fall into distractions without us knowing. When you pay attention to what you are focusing on, you can truly show up for yourself. When you show up for yourself you are then available to give yourself the space for what you really need to focus on or to allow yourself the energy to push past what you are avoiding.

Once you are tuned in and can take note of when the productivity starts to be absent. Start implementing these five productivity hacks!


1. Write down your to-do’s!

You are more likely to get them done if you have them written down and schedule them in! Don’t just create a list and hope it disappears. Get it onto your calendar!

2. Leave yourself reminders

Write down things you need to avoid doing. Like “Stay off Facebook!” or “No Netflix until 5:00.” Stick these on little post it’s near your work station until it becomes a habit for you.

3. Set a timer

Set a timer for different activities. Need to engage on Facebook but don’t want to get sucked into your newsfeed? Set a timer for one hour to engage. After you schedule pieces into your calendar make sure you are following the time slots you have allowed yourself.

4. Celebrate when you finish!

We don’t celebrate our accomplishments enough! Take a minute to celebrate everything you have accomplished in one day. Do a happy dance after you finish a big project!

5. Turn your alerts off

How many times have you been busy working and DING a message comes through, then BING an email, then RING a call, then BING BING a Facebook notification…. You get the picture. Flip your phone on do not disturb and turn your computer notifications off!

Hooray for a more productive day! Start implementing these productivity hacks into your day and watch your to-do list shrink more and more.

Want to start setting goals that you actually LOVE going after?! Plus learn how to for real follow through?!

Come check out my new course: Obsessed with goals

Get Obsessed with Your Goals Now!

Chasing Dreams and Making Goals


February 21, 2017


This was the word I chose to live my year by. This was the word I chose to guide my decisions, to lead my heart and to live by more often.
New Year’s resolutions are not my thing. New Year’s resolutions made me feel pressured and often were forgotten by February. So when I read about choosing just one simple word to live by, I was intrigued. But how would I choose a simple word? And then I heard it, the word surrender. Someone said it in a podcast that I listen to and my soul lit up. I knew that was it and it was calling to me. And through my journey over the last two months of it, I think we could all afford to surrender a bit.

What is surrender? What does it mean to surrender to something? And what am I surrendering to?

For me I needed more than anything right now to surrender to knowing that life was going to go on as it should, and was going to happen how it was supposed to no matter what. I needed to surrender to the fact that I wouldn’t always have control and I needed to give in to the universe.
It’s funny. I never thought of myself as a control freak really, until I started a business. And then all of the sudden it was like the perfectionist that was bubbling inside of me started leaking out and I couldn’t stop it. I’ve always been a “what if-fer” but never one to perfect things. And I didn’t really notice it until I started saying things to myself like, “well I can’t release this yet because it is not perfect.” Or “I am not good enough to go after something like this.” And then I stopped and realized that I was trying to control things that weren’t in my hands.

As a creative all we can really do is put out what we believe in and the results will come. It’s not something to control and it’s not something that’s in your hands. But are the results of an action ever really in your hands?

Surrender to the results and more peace will come.

Chasing Dreams and Making Goals

My Math Skills and Other Limiting Beliefs

January 4, 2017

One time someone told me I was bad at math. I don’t really remember when or who exactly, or if it was one exact moment. I remember having a tutor when I was in third grade. I remember the teacher saying I was slower than average. I remember being put in the lowest math class in elementary school. I remember the other kids going to the gifted and talented program for math & science while I stayed in the classroom. I was bad at math.

At least that was the belief I was given. And I carried that with me for the rest of my schooling career.

And it was so funny, because in college I kept getting A’s and B’s in my math courses… so I was “good” on paper. And people would ask me for help and I would say “oh, I’m not good at math.”

Because that is what I was taught to believe about myself. So I never even tried. I never even put in the effort.
When you limit yourself, when you set up these invisible boundaries like; I’m not good at that, I can’t learn that, I’m not worth this or that. You will never get to where you want to be, you won’t even have the motivation to try.

Change your outlook on it.

My boyfriend is a math whiz, and he has never looked at me and told me I’m bad at math. He’s never laughed at me for not knowing an answer that comes easy for him. Instead he says look here’s how you do it. Now you try. And I do and I get it right, and he says see you’re better at math than you think! And I am slowly but surely changing my belief in it.

Sure, I’m not going to go off and be an accountant or a math teacher now but why waste your time telling yourself your bad at something? What good is that doing for you?

You may be holding onto some of these beliefs and not even know it. Don’t let them hold you back! Changing them will boost your confidence, open your mind to more positivity and ultimately get you closer to your goals.


Chasing Dreams and Making Goals Rocking it Outside your Comfort Zone

Top Tips From My Monthly Meet-up: Expanding Your Network

November 21, 2016

If you’ve been keeping up with my Comfort Zone Project, you saw that I took a big step for myself and hosted an event for women in business. Well, I’ve actually taken it up a notch and I host this same event every month. I invite women in business, this particular meet up is focused toward women in direct sales because that is my other business I operate!

Sounds great right, but what’s it to ya if you’re half way around the world right?!

Well, I have decided to extend a virtual invite to you by posting the best of what we discussed at our meetings!

Don’t ya just love the internet?! Woo for technology!

So without further ado; enjoy tips from meeting one!
Something that I get asked a lot and is a hot topic in any business is, how do you grow your network?
This is obviously a very important topic in business for many reasons!

– No one wants to be the nag, no one wants to be the sales person that wears out their friends and family for sales!
– Your friends and family aren’t made of money… well maybe they are, but a good business is going to run on more than just a close circle of customers. You want to constantly be bringing in new customers or clients, while maintaining your current base.
– It’s fun! Maybe I’m just the crazy lady here, but I think it’s fun to gain new customers and clients! I think it’s fun to introduce something you’re passionate about to a new person!
And the list could go on and on! So how do you gain these new people and are they out there?
Of course they are out there! This sounds kind of silly but I honestly had this fear when I started my business that I would run out of people to market to. It’s not going to happen!
Do you know how many people there are in this world?! It’s absurd how many people you can really connect with.. actually pretty overwhelming for an introvert like myself! But trust me, you are not going to hit a dead end on connections and if you do that’s when the next part comes in!

So that burning question, how do I make new connections?!


It’s simple really, you’re just not looking at it from the right angle. You have to find your sweet spot, your secret sauce, your zone of genius. And that is where you will find your new connections. There are so many trainings to drown in and so many methods to learn but at the end of the day it’s about taking what you’ve learned and applying it to you. What will work for you? Try and fail over and over again until you succeed.


Some tips for you:
– Think about your past experience, how can you translate that into a new method?
– How can you get creative on a worn out method?
– What are you really, really good at? And how can you translate that into finding results?
– What have you not tried?

Thinking outside of the box is key to expanding your network, once you start getting creative the results will follow!

Chasing Dreams and Making Goals

Natalie’s 10DBC: Wrap up 

September 19, 2016

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10.

Oh my, day ten of my ten day blogging challenge. It has been such a fun journey! No matter how experienced I get I think it will always be important to look back on my why, my plan and my vision. 

I have to say my favorite day was yesterday, day nine of the challenge. It was all about visualizing your work day around being in Portugal (or whatever location you wanted to choose). It was mixing two of my dreams together and I had so much fun visualizing. I got so into my plans I felt like I was there. I got stuck on Pinterest looking up places I needed to visit while I was in Portugal. Talk about a daydream coming to life! It was such a motivating exercise to make my dreams become a reality. 

 My biggest take away has been to never stop learning about myself. It’s so easy to get caught up in self help books and podcasts and the best new business practices. And it’s so easy to drown in all of that new information. I’ve learned that sometimes all you need is to step back and look at what you need. You can be your best motivation. 

My next steps, probably not writing a blog post everyday… You all might get tired of my ramblings. But I am going to challenge myself to journal my ideas everyday and to post once a week, besides my project posts I have going on right now! 

Natalie Sisson was our fearless leader in this blog challenge. I would love for you to check out all of my #10DBC posts and even think about your answers! And check out Natalie’s site here, she always has some amazing resources!  

Chasing Dreams and Making Goals

Natalie’s 10DBC: Breaking Through Procrastination and Overwhelm 

September 16, 2016

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7.  
Procrastination and overwhelm, oh how I know you two so well and wish I didn’t.
I’ve always been a procrastinator. Last minute work is my jam. And I will say that I do work well on a time line, now it doesn’t need to be a couple of hours fighting to get a project done, but saying this is your deadline and you have to have it finished by then.

However I have found myself in business putting things off until “tomorrow” a lot. It’s definitely overwhelming to have all of the information laid out in front of you only to have it changed the next day in a new webinar. And it is overwhelming to create something that sometimes the people closest to you don’t always understand.

So how do you cut through this? How do you break through the procrastination and overwhelm?

Well I would have to say it is different for everyone.

For me, it’s keeping my creative wheels turning, keeping the ideas fresh.
So my imperfect action that I will take everyday is to journal it out, every morning. Whatever is on my mind. Whether I find a really cool prompt (like these awesome blog challenges) or I just have something on my mind. I just need to release it all to keep my mind full of fresh ideas. I always find my best ideas piggy-backing off another one!

P.s. Join in on this awesome blog challenge with me! It’s never too late to take a journey in self exploration 🙂

Chasing Dreams and Making Goals

Natalie’s 10DBC: Finding Mentors

September 15, 2016

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6 
Finding mentors is definitely a key when stepping into the online world of business.
I learned quickly that I have a lot of support, but not a lot of people that really understand what I’m talking about.

I’m very lucky to have a significant other who also works online and shares my dreams of freedom. But sometimes we need separate outlets from each other to talk about business.
So who are your role models? What would you say to them if you met them?

I’m going to cheat just a little bit! But for good reason, of course. My first person I have already talked to, but she is a very important role model in my journey and I would love to meet her still!

I remember the first time I saw Katherine Mackenzie Smith’s Instagram. I remember thinking ‘oh, wow! People really do life coach. That’s really a thing. I really can help people everyday.’ And after listening to her podcast and hearing so many other wonderful women doing the same thing, I just knew I had to reach out to her. So I’ve really asked her the questions that I’ve needed to ask her (so far). But if I met her I would definitely say, “Thank you for helping me cut through the noise. Thank you for giving me that extra little push to recognize my passion. And thank you for inspiring me.”

My next role model would have to be Marie Forleo! She has created such an amazing, inspiring business with a massive following that stays motivated through her words! What a beautiful life! I would love more than anything to feel like I’ve inspired people everyday. If I met Marie I would have to ask, “What one big move, in the beginning of your business, do you think paved the way to where you are today?” I love to know people’s stories from the beginning because I think it’s so easy to see someone’s end story and think that they had no road bumps or failures.

And I can’t write this without giving some extra shout outs to my favorite bloggers and freedom business mavens.

So I would love to meet Hannah and Adam from Getting Stamped travel blog, they live my dream life.

Elizabeth Gilbert, her book Big Magic opened my eyes to so many obstacles that come with a creative business.

And of course, you, Natalie Sisson. I remember your book was the first I read when I moved and began my journey of discovery. And I just kept thinking wow! What an amazing woman! I can’t wait to live my life the way I want to.

Chasing Dreams and Making Goals Happiness

Natalie’s 10DBC: Discovering My Why’s Impact

September 14, 2016

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2.

I love talking whys! I think it is such a key factor in your journey. The journey of an online entrepreneur is one that is full of surprises, challenges, failures and just plain times you have to laugh at yourself. And without having your why clear in your mind through your journey, those road bumps will get to you.

If you’ve been following the blog I just shared my story and how I came to discover my why. You can read that here.

I definitely understand that sometimes your why isn’t always clear. Sometimes you have something pulling you, but it’s not entirely transparent what exactly it is. But I promise it’s there, you might just have to dig a little deeper to bring it out.

My why is quite simply to define my own happy everyday. To experience life and all of it’s beauty. And to have time for me, when I want time for me. It took me a long time to be able to say this out loud, honestly because I thought it was selfish of me. But I DO deserve to be happy everyday. And so does everyone else.

And that’s why I believe that I can teach other people to find their happy. By living my freedom lifestyle, I want to impact the world by helping to bring out other people’s happy. Helping other people find their passion through the noise of the world. Helping other people take the step out of their comfort zone and into their freedom world.
Why do you want to jump into the freedom world?

Start exploring your journey into freedom by taking Natalie’s blog challenge! Start here:

Chasing Dreams and Making Goals Happiness

Living Life On Your Own Terms

September 1, 2016


Why am I doing what I do?

Even I didn’t really know the answer to this question, until one day someone asked me something simple “what do you do for fun?” I was literally stumped. I couldn’t form words. I couldn’t name a hobby, an activity, even a moment in my day that I would consider fun. Don’t confuse this with me being happy; because if you know me you know I am one giant ball of radiating happy energy. I am always happy, but what do I do for me? I couldn’t think of a thing. Woah. Would this be the rest of my life? Would I never find time for me?

I wasn’t going to let that happen. As a recent college graduate I was feeling more lost than ever. I had this super cool (expensive) piece of paper and I was like… okay, what the hell… what now? Do I just keep going through the motions, keep answering the question what do you do for fun with a blank stare and a polite; “uh, I don’t know… I work out, sometimes?”
So I worked my little butt off. Probably harder than I ever did on any of my 15 page college research papers. I spent hours researching companies that I could work for on my own terms while learning. I would wake up at night and google things like “best company to start up.” It took me countless google pages and a handful of free e-courses to realize this journey had to start with me.

I soul searched for months. Then Chloe + Isabel found me, stalked me really. I kept hiding this pesky Facebook ad until I finally clicked my way through and realized this was my chance to learn. Not just learn about the online world but also to learn about myself. And oh, how I watched myself grow. I watched a little lost college graduate grow into a thriving entrepreneurial spirit. ME, the child of two librarians, an entrepreneur. Hey, gene pool, you messed up somewhere! But here I was, I had a passion for building a company and I wasn’t going to stop. I knew my why and I knew what I needed to answer the question “what do you do for fun?”

And then it wasn’t until the CEO of the company, Chantel Waterbury (one of my biggest role models) said to me, “do not ever let anyone define your own happiness.” Then I realized, I didn’t have to have a hobby to say what I do for fun. I didn’t have to go take up knitting or roller blading tomorrow, I could just design my own creative lifestyle.

So, what do I do for fun? I create, I inspire, I network, I learn, I read books by empowering business mavens, I write when I feel like an idea is tugging on me, I journal when I need to, I spend at least 10 minutes a day dreaming up a new plan, I talk to people who want to create their own freedom lifestyle and hope for them that they find their why too, I watch TED talks at least once a week, I walk on the beach because I have time to and I go on mini-vacations every time I have an urge (which is a lot).

What’s my why? Simply put; my why is to give myself happiness in each and every day and to live out the lifestyle of freedom that I only thought I would dream of.