Life Coaching

Life Coaching

What it Takes to Become a Life Coach

May 15, 2017

So you want to become a life coach? Being a life coach is such a fulfilling and rewarding career. I wouldn’t even call it a job. If you are passionate about serving others and helping them to achieve their goals, life coaching may just be the perfect place for you to be.

What is coaching?

“Being a life coach is about supporting people to make meaningful change in their lives. Change that inspires people to follow their dream career path, improve their health and wellbeing, release their fears and embrace their creativity, spirituality and highest self, improve their self-confidence and self-love, and become the person they most want to be. It is privileged, beautiful and life affirming work. And we are here to help you create that work firstly for yourself, and then for your clients.”

– Beautiful You Coaching Academy

When I made the decision to become a life coach, I knew it would be so much more than a career. It would be a new lifestyle. Read more about my story here.

Being a life coach is so much more. So what does it take to be a life coach? Are you ready for it?

You have to be:

Ready for change

When you commit to becoming a life coach, you are going to go on a journey of your own. You will grow not just professionally, but personally and mentally as well. My journey through my Beautiful You training took me on a 6-month journey I never expected. I saw so much growth in this short period of time. You are surrounded by a community of uplifting men and women who are teaching in their own way, alongside you creating epic plans for your future clients. You learn how to gracefully fail and what to do when you feel like you’re simply stuck. You will change without even realizing it, if you are open to it.


You have to be committed and ready to give life coaching your all. I took my life coach training through the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. I allowed myself AT LEAST 4-6 hours a week simply to study the material. This isn’t even including all of the extra work I put into reading self-development books and researching other methods to better myself and that would serve my clients. As a life coach you have to be committed to the course work to best serve your clients. And once you’re done with the course work you have to be ready to commit your time to your beautiful clients.


Being a life coach requires a certain type of grounding to the present moment. You have to be there fully for your clients. If you are wondering what you’re doing right or wrong or what they will do next constantly you won’t be there to serve. Being present is key to being a life coach. Having a grounding practice is so important, so that when you are done with sessions you have a way to not hold in all of a client’s emotion. If you cannot ground yourself, it could be easy to be drained as a life coach.


Above all I believe that being a life coach requires you to be heart-centered. Your actions should be driven by love, not fear. So that you can bring that into your client sessions. You are not afraid to talk about emotions and vulnerability. When you serve others, you do so from a place of light.

It is so important when you decided to start a journey in life coaching that you bring all of these practices into your life. And when you are choosing how you will train to become a life coach, you think about a course that will really bring these practices to life. I chose to train with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, and was SO happy with that decision! Head over here to check out my review on this course!

Life Coaching

Beautiful You Coaching Academy: My Honest Review and If It is Right For You!

May 11, 2017

So you’re looking to train with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy? Awesome! I am so excited for you, life coaching is such a rewarding career path to take and Beautiful You Coaching Academy is a wonderful place to start your journey!

There is so much great information over here, on the Beautiful You site. Check it out and get all the answers to the FAQ’s.

If you’re ready to sign up with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy now, scroll down to the bottom. I am offering some amazing bonuses if you sign up through this link!

But if you want a unique perspective from a Beautiful You Coaching Academy graduate, here it is!

My Story: 

I always knew I wanted something more. I never felt like I was in the right place. In school, in activities, in my social life. Something was missing. But I just kept coasting through life, going with the “American Dream Plan.”

I went to school like a good girl, got good grades, excelled in what I was making good marks in. Went to college, picked a major that highlighted the courses I was better at. Got a degree from a well-respected university, had my check-list resume complete with a wonderfully completed internship and stellar references. I went to one job interview and I thought… no way!

This would not be my life.

It was time for me to start making decisions. It was time for me to make my own plan.

Fast forward a few months, a lot of research, a lot of tears and doubt that I actually wasn’t meant to design my own life and I stumbled upon a Beautiful You Coaching Academy graduate on Instagram.

Something sparked my interest about the whole coaching thing. So I set up a call with her and the rest is history.

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy course in review: 

Beautiful You Coaching Academy has been one of the most wonderful things that has happened to my life!

I was so nervous taking an online class, because I am someone who needed a little extra attention and motivation with course work. I was nervous that just like in my university courses, I would become just a number and no one would care about my outcome.

Beautiful You Coaching Academy not only keeps the course sizes small, but the trainers make it an effort to know you. They work with you individually on questions if you need it.

It’s hard to even put in to words how the community as a whole makes you feel. I’ve never been in a community of such empowering women. The Beautiful You Coaching Academy is a a community that truly believes “Collaboration over competition.”

I have to also give a HUGE shout out to the buddy program that the Beautiful You Coaching Academy sets up! I would not be the coach I am today, if it weren’t for my perfect buddy match. The trainers hand select your buddy based on your interests and locations. And every pair seems to be in the perfect place for each other.

My buddy and I still talk on a regular basis! It was definitely my favorite part of the course and something that is not offered in all coaching series.

If you are interested in training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy but maybe have some more questions. Please feel free to schedule a call with me and we can chat more!

Is the Beautiful You Coaching Academy right for you? 

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy is a course unlike any other. It is made with so much love and attention to detail.

It is right for you if you are ready to grow and flourish in a community of wildly inspiring women.

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy is right for you if you are ready to watch not just your business grow but also yourself.

It is right for you if you want to build a coaching practice full of love and care. You are genuine and want to help people to become self-aware. You want to light people up!

It is right for you if you are ready to commit to the work and give it your all. The course comes with a beautiful workbook full of activities to help your business grow.

It is right for you if you are ready to stop having a dream and making a plan.

If you do choose to sign up with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy (through this link only), then as my gift to you, you will get…

A FREE 3 month coaching session! (a $600 value)
Includes 6 sessions every other week!
One hour calls via Skype
+ unlimited email support with me over the 3 months!

Plus my Secret Resource Library (a $297 value)
For building a killer online coaching practice Only available for aspiring coaches who sign up through my link!

We can…
Break through any fears or doubts that are keeping you living in comfort instead of living your dream.

Explore the stories you’ve been telling yourself that are holding you still

Push the boundaries of change and create epic change!
Reevaluate your comfort zone and realize that you are really not all that comfortable after all

Look at the life you are “supposed to be living” against the life you seriously desire

Take your passions and turn them into fire to start not only building your businesses but also to design your dream lifestyle!

If you want these amazing bonuses all you have to do is sign up here and book your first call!

They are now enrolling for October and May courses!

I am so excited for you to start your coaching journey, beautiful you!

Get your FREE e-book here: 7 Steps to Reframing Your Comfort Zone! Start getting really clear on what is holding you in one spot. And start stepping into more of what you love!
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