Hello there!
Welcome to the Comfort Zone Project, a 30-day series of all (or most) of the ways that I took myself out of my comfort zone over the past year. Today I would like to just introduce you to me and what to expect for the next 30 Fridays!


This is a big thing for me, you see for a long time I lived in fear of what would happen outside of my bubble of comfort. I suffered from a lot of anxiety and now that I know all of the opportunity there is for me I realized that a lot of that anxiety came from staying safe inside my little bubble and fear of what was on the outside. I’m always wearing a smile but for years on the inside I was so unhappy with where I was with me and who I was. I was so lost on what I wanted to do with my life because I was closing myself off to all of the creative outlets that were available. Who knew a little bit of change would be such a breath of fresh air for me!


Now about 1 year into my crazy journey, I could not be happier with my life! I own 2 businesses, I live in a brand new state with my amazing boyfriend, I live my life how I want to. I am beyond happy. We’re going to talk about how I accomplished all of this + what it took for me to get here. We’ll talk through some of my huge accomplishments and my “small triumphs”; like eating in a restaurant alone, pitching my business to a stranger, traveling alone and accepting that I will sometimes hear “no thanks,” (a lot). I call these small triumphs but for me they were actually quite huge.


Do you struggle with stepping outside of your comfort zone? With trying new things? How about figuring out what you want to do with your life? Or even with just the initial step to break free? Stay tuned, there will be a chance for you to step outside your own comfort zone!

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