This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6 
Finding mentors is definitely a key when stepping into the online world of business.
I learned quickly that I have a lot of support, but not a lot of people that really understand what I’m talking about.

I’m very lucky to have a significant other who also works online and shares my dreams of freedom. But sometimes we need separate outlets from each other to talk about business.
So who are your role models? What would you say to them if you met them?

I’m going to cheat just a little bit! But for good reason, of course. My first person I have already talked to, but she is a very important role model in my journey and I would love to meet her still!

I remember the first time I saw Katherine Mackenzie Smith’s Instagram. I remember thinking ‘oh, wow! People really do life coach. That’s really a thing. I really can help people everyday.’ And after listening to her podcast and hearing so many other wonderful women doing the same thing, I just knew I had to reach out to her. So I’ve really asked her the questions that I’ve needed to ask her (so far). But if I met her I would definitely say, “Thank you for helping me cut through the noise. Thank you for giving me that extra little push to recognize my passion. And thank you for inspiring me.”

My next role model would have to be Marie Forleo! She has created such an amazing, inspiring business with a massive following that stays motivated through her words! What a beautiful life! I would love more than anything to feel like I’ve inspired people everyday. If I met Marie I would have to ask, “What one big move, in the beginning of your business, do you think paved the way to where you are today?” I love to know people’s stories from the beginning because I think it’s so easy to see someone’s end story and think that they had no road bumps or failures.

And I can’t write this without giving some extra shout outs to my favorite bloggers and freedom business mavens.

So I would love to meet Hannah and Adam from Getting Stamped travel blog, they live my dream life.

Elizabeth Gilbert, her book Big Magic opened my eyes to so many obstacles that come with a creative business.

And of course, you, Natalie Sisson. I remember your book was the first I read when I moved and began my journey of discovery. And I just kept thinking wow! What an amazing woman! I can’t wait to live my life the way I want to.