Finding your passion… Even when you don’t know what your passionate about.

So I graduated college a year ago now. And after I graduated I expected at this moment of clarity to come to me I expected to know when I got that piece of paper what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. But I have news for you when you get that piece of paper that says you graduated, you don’t get a letter that says hey by the way this is the job you’ll get now. You’ll be comfortable the rest of your life and this is how it’s going to go. No I did not have my moment of clarity after I walked across that stage in fact I might have been more lost than ever.

I knew I wanted to create something. I wanted something to be mine. I wanted to be my own boss, and live the lifestyle that I wanted.

So a lot of things happened in between this “moment” that came to me, one of those being that I moved. And when I moved I did have this moment of clarity and maybe I shouldn’t say moment because in no way did it happen overnight it took a lot of idea searching, a lot of ideas that I was so excited about and then realized no that’s not it and a lot of failing. But I did have a moment where I said oh maybe if I rush what I’m supposed to do with my life, then it won’t happen right. Maybe I keep having these failed ideas because it’s not time. I’m a big believer in everything is about perfect timing. So I let it be. I lived my life. I took a temp job that made me happy and gave me time to do what I needed to do for me, a job that had nothing to do with my college degree and that was okay.

I promise the world will not come crashing down around you if you do not figure out what you need to do in life right away. Maybe you need a little more practice before you figure it all out? Or maybe you need to take advantage of some further education, you are surrounded by free resources in this digital world! Maybe you need to slow down a little and wait for your moment to come.

It took me one year as a graduated woman, a big move, a lot of reading, many days of soul searching, countless moments out of my comfort zone, daily daydreams, failing and picking myself back up too many times to count. And I made it.

However you make it there, when the time comes, it’ll be magical. Happy dream job searching!