So you want to get out of your comfort zone but you find yourself having trouble committing to it? You want so badly to step into your purpose, your passion, doing more of what you really love. But you find yourself stuck at the beginning step. And then you give up before it ever even began. You tell yourself maybe you weren’t meant for that special life or maybe it wasn’t time, you’ll do it tomorrow..


Maybe the problem is that you can’t commit. You can’t commit to the plan that will bring you the desired results.

I get it, commitment is hard. Most of us have been burned by this one way or another. Whether it was in a relationship, a friendship or even from a childhood memory. Commitment can be an easy area to have road blocks in.

For me it was easy to not commit because I knew that I was protecting myself from any and all potential harm that could come from the situation. Only problem was by doing this it escalated to me not even wanting to go out to eat alone, or going to the gym alone because I had to calculate all of the potential dangers that could come out of it and then I wouldn’t go. And I’m here to tell you that those were total CRAP.

By eliminating all of the risk-taking situations (and even some situations that weren’t even risky, but I made them out to be in some way) I was living in a safe zone and missing out on SO MUCH. I had to change the story. I had to really commit.

So here I am, sipping coffee in a place that I never thought I would call home, with people I never would have known had I stayed put, living a life that is so far out of my comfort zone that you wouldn’t even believe it!

All because I committed.

So how do you do it? How do you commit even with commitment issues. How do you really freaking commit?!

Stop buying into the story

Quit letting your mind trick you out. I’m gonna get blunt with you here real quick. Shitty things happen to everyone. EVERYONE. Shitty things happen to good people. Shitty things happen to exceptional people. Shitty things happen to shitty people. SHIT HAPPENS. Get it?! So quit buying into this story that happened to you like you were the only one in the world that had something scar them. This only fires me up so much because I was doing it. I was buying into this pain that I was handed and allowing it to dictate my decisions. When this fear, this pain has absolutely no business dictating our decisions. Allow yourself to feel it, quit burying it for a time you need it to save you. Feel it, accept it, and move on from it. Commit to your new journey, not your past one.

Speaking of the feelings….

I’m not going to tell you that this journey outside of your comfort zone will be all daisies and cupcakes. You might actually feel a little uncomfortable at first… shocking. And you might fail once, twice, maybe even ten times. Allow yourself to feel those feelings don’t run away from them. Know what it feels like to have some discomfort, know what it feels like to fail. But what you need to know even more than those feelings is what it feels like to get back up and keep going. What it feels like to work past the discomfort. What it feels like to own the situation. And that is when you will realize that your comfort zone was really not that comfortable after all. And from there, committing to the new, the unknown will be so much more fun!

Action time!

Time to get serious with this commitment! It’s time to take action and commit to it. Make a plan. Whatever plan creation method is your jam, go for it. Do you like making lists? Do it. Do you like journaling it out? Do it. Do you like having a color coded agenda? Do it. Figure out the steps you need to break down your big picture goal and put them out there somewhere.


You have to have some self-accountability in all of this, you just have to. And once you own your story and starting living here and now instead of in the past burrows of our mind you will learn how responsible you really are for your life and actions. Try out my positive affirmations here to start shifting your mindset too! Self-accountability is absolutely a key in committing but having a buddy too can really light things on fire! When someone else knows what you’re going for, as humans, we do not want to let them down. So find a friend, family member, or I know a great coach 😉 that can really help hold your head up even when things get rough!

When you start to get out of your complacent life, you can really start to commit. And when you commit, you will see the changes occur. You will begin to slip into your life that you always dreamed of.

Need a little accountability? Book in a free discovery session with me! Let’s dive even deeper into your comfort zone!