Hello there, lovely dream chasers! Welcome to my comfort zone challenge. Showing you how I pushed myself to take those first few steps into the scary world of change.
Let’s talk goals! Goals are so important in your journey to stepping outside of your comfort zone, you have to set them and go after them to feel the accomplishment.


My problem was, I set these goals and then when I failed I pretended I didn’t set them.

So I needed a system of accountability. In myself and with a partner. So I bought this big huge white board and I hung it right next to my front door. I wrote on it my goals for the next three months, monetary and lifestyle goals. I had to walk past that board every day and I had to see them if I was sitting on my couch trying to have a lazy day. And every time I would see them, I would do something to help myself reach them. That was my accountability in myself.
Next I told my goals to my boyfriend and my mentor. These were my accountability partners. Now that someone knew, I couldn’t let myself fail.
Don’t just create your goals, go after them. It’s uncomfortable to sometimes admit defeat but the more you put it out there, the more you will reach the goals.
Keeping it short and sweet this week and reminding you to join in on the Comfort Zone Challenge! And take yourself to the next level while reaching outside of your comfort zone. Click the link below to join in!