This one is for you; brave business owners!

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a month that falls short, that makes us feel like a failure. A month that makes us say, why did I do this again?! And suddenly you are telling yourself you aren’t good at this and to give up.

Well, I’m calling bullshit.
Stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something new takes courage, confidence and determination.  It takes a strong person no matter how big or small the step you took was.

Failure can make you feel; small, less confident and even lazy. And if you do feel like you are failing in your business it is so easy to curl up on the couch in a Netflix binge and pout until next month. But… don’t J
If you took that step to go outside your comfort zone you are resilient. You may have months that lag or days that will feel unproductive. But that doesn’t mean you are a failure. You just need to keep going, tell yourself this is just a speed bump and you will be back on your grind in no time.

What can you do to reboot your mind and your business? Get creative, I know you have a little creativity in you as a business owner! This is the perfect time to try something new! If you are feeling trouble on the horizon, catch it before it happens and try a something new!

Here are some ideas for rebooting yourself before you crawl back to comfort.

I’m a list maker. I have lists on my phone, my computer, I carry a notebook around with ideas in case I get stuck.

Have an accountability partner! I’m lucky enough to live with mine, my wonderful boyfriend works in online business too so he understands the struggles! I also have an amazing women’s meet up group I run and we meet every month to talk goals and obstacles. Find someone who you can go to when you feel yourself falling and actually talk to them, don’t just pretend you will.

Put your goals in writing! You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Put them somewhere that you will see them every single day, make yourself go after them!

Take a breather. Do whatever it is that recharges your brain and then begin. For me I love waking up early with nothing but my journal or a good book, or sometimes just a long car ride and my thoughts! You may have been overwhelming your thoughts with why you are messing up when, in reality, you just need to organize them and think of something new!

What do you do when you feel yourself slipping back into comfort because of fear of failure? Drop your ideas in the comments!