The year year is here! Reflection of 2016 is done and it’s time to rock 2017! Maybe you’re feeling like this is the year for change? It’s time to leap outside of your comfort zone and make a change but you’re not really sure how to. Here are five tips to help you kick start your year to be a year of change!

What are you missing?
Sit back and really take this one in. Look back on the previous years and think about what piece was missing out of your life. Did you have an urge to travel but never made it? Was there a hobby that you wanted to pick up but never found the time? Maybe you keep telling yourself you will set that new yoga schedule and you never do it. What is missing from your life and what is holding you back from making it happen?

Let go of judgement
It is time. It’s time to take a deep breath and say I am fabulously me and totally, 100% embrace that! You seriously rock sista! And I’m not just saying that because you’re reading this awesome blog….  You’re thinking about making a big change, doing something that scares you a little, you rock just for knowing it’s time. Do your thing like no one is watching.

Acknowledge the fear
The fear is there. Fear is there so we don’t do things like walk into moving traffic or leap off a mountain for a free fall. Fear is there so we learn to not touch hot things and to know the dark alley alone at night may not be the best route. We have this feeling for a reason. But sometimes it likes to butt in. Fear is a nosey little sucker. This year, acknowledge that your fear is there for a reason but tell it, “Fear, you’re overstaying your welcome right now.” and move about your tasks!

Know that your dreams are bigger than you imagine
Reality is better than your dreams and you have total and complete power to create your reality. I used to think all I had were dreams, until I made it happen. It plays out much better in real life than you could ever imagine in your head.

Go for it!
Just go for it, lovely! Let go of the judgement, acknowledge the fear and GO! You’ll fly through it beautifully or you’ll pick yourself up for round two. I’ve reach for the stars so many times this past year, I promise it’s not as bad as your mind is telling you. Start with baby steps if you have to, break down your goal and think what can I do to start getting toward this?

You go out and totally rock 2017, make it a year of change and transformation! We are all rooting for you!