You know when you’re working on something new, something beautiful and that little voice in your head pops in to say, “you’re not good enough for this.” Or maybe they’re a little trickier… maybe your voice says something in the form of distraction that’s “more important than whatever you are working on” to avoid those feelings.

That is our old friend self-doubt. Self-doubt is one of those friends who came to the party but wasn’t invited. She hangs around whenever something new and great is coming up for us to honestly just be a mean b****.

Whatever you do… don’t confuse self-doubt with actual uncertainty in what you are doing. In reality this is just our ego warning us of what could possibly go wrong in the situation. It’s just fear wearing another one of her masks.

Don’t avoid it. Avoiding your self-doubt is ultimately just pushing off your task more. It’s time to face it, totally head on!

But how…
Realize the present moment

When self-doubt kicks in so does some solid future tripping. You’re doubting yourself because of what is to come. But what if you realized that hasn’t even happened yet? Slow down. Live now and deal later. Don’t spend your time making up outcomes when the action hasn’t occurred yet. Instead of asking what if, ask why not?

Surround yourself with positivity

For me it’s quotes, mantras and some solid 30 second dance breaks. For you it may be music, reading or a cup of tea with a friend. Whatever you get your positive on with… when you feel the self-doubt coming on, bring it out.


Who are you spending time with? When self-doubt comes up do you have a tribe to go to? If you do… good, then utilize that and connect when you need to. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you don’t, how can you connect to a helpful network? Maybe find a new local meditation class or a new meet up group? Maybe start your own! Your options are endless!

Take a break

When’s the last time you had one….. I’m waiting…..

Step away. Breath. Come back to the situation in new eyes.

You deserve all of this and more. You go Glenn Coco… movie reference anyone?

I know if you are doubting yourself, it will pass if you let it. Sending lots of love your way!