Welcome back to the Life Outside Your Comfort Zone Series! This week we have Beth Moshier on the blog! Beth is a dream building life coach! I LOVE her mission, she wants to lift everyone up and be each other’s cheerleader. I love how vulnerable Beth is with us in her interview and how powerful her drive for her business is.

Tell me a little bit about you and your mission with your biz!

My mission is all about helping other women who want to build their dream lives but are feeling stuck by the fear of failure. I’ve been on my own personal development journey for almost two years and I’ve learned so much during that process.  The goal for my business is to share as many tips and tricks as possible with other women so they can live the lives they’ve always dreamt of. I also hope to create a community of women who can all lift each other up and cheer each other on.


Have you always known you wanted to be a girl boss or did it take some soul searching to get there? What did you do before you became an entrepreneur?

I’ve always been very motivated and my goal out of college was to eventually become a CEO of a company.  I love being in a leadership role and I’ve always had high expectations for my career.  Over the past few years, I’ve realized that my day job doesn’t give me purpose or passion.  I’m good at it and I make a good living, but I’m not excited to get out of bed each morning to go to work.  Becoming an entrepreneur had never really crossed my mind, but once I started seeing how other girl bosses have built their dream businesses, I realized that becoming an entrepreneur was exactly what I had been looking for all these years.  With my business still being very new, I plan on continuing my job at the global consulting firm I work for.  Thankfully, I work from home and have a lot of flexibility with my day job, so I am lucky to be able to also build my business from my home office.


My mission on meganseamans.com is to help women reconnect with their authentic self to start living their dream lifestyle, even though taking that initial step outside of their comfort zone might be pretty tricky. 

Would you say you had to “find yourself” before you dove into your new plan? Did you find yourself starting on this brand new journey and having to learn about yourself along the way?

Making the decision to become an entrepreneur was a huge step outside my comfort zone!  Building my own business is completely new to me, so I am literally making it up as I go along.  There have been times when I’ve wished I had more experience before becoming an entrepreneur and I even started to feel like I made a mistake by not studying business while in college.  Over the last few months I’ve started to appreciate the learning process that comes with building a business and now I look forward to learning new things.


When did your comfort zone show up for you? Tell the readers a time when you had to fight past the limits or boundaries you were setting for yourself and how you overcame them.

Starting my own business was really scary because I am a perfectionist and I have a huge fear of failure.  My mentality in the past has been that if I can’t do something well, I won’t do it at all.  At first, I tried jumping into business building full force, but then I quickly realized that I was setting super high expectations for myself that I would never be able to meet.  It took me some time, but I eventually figured out that there is no such thing as the ‘perfect entrepreneur’.  At that point, I had to decide whether I was willing to do things imperfectly or if I just needed to quit altogether.  When I looked back at how exciting it felt to start building my business, I knew that quitting wasn’t an option.  I made the decision to move forward and allow myself to make the mistakes that are inevitable when you’re an entrepreneur.


Once you landed on your dream business plan did the unknown feel a bit scary? Did you find yourself asking a lot of what if’s or looking into the future a lot more than you should have?

Absolutely!  I feel like I’ve had questions and doubts almost every single day since becoming an entrepreneur!  At first it was overwhelming to have those feelings, but I make the choice every day that I would rather feel scared and unsure rather than giving up my dream business and feeling like I walked away from my true purpose.


Did you run into any road bumps along the way or have to encounter any particular fears that you would like to share?

I think a lot of my fears have revolved around worrying what other people will think of me and my work.  It’s hard to put yourself out there as a business owner knowing that any failures or mistakes will be visible for the whole world to see.  It’s still something I struggle with from time to time, but I feel strongly enough about my ‘why’ that I’m learning not to care what other people think.  I try to remind myself that the positive changes I’m creating with my business far outweigh the negative things other people could think or say about me.


What is one big, amazing piece of advice you would give to our readers about stepping outside of their comfort zone and really going for the lifestyle that they have always dreamed of?

My favorite advice for becoming an entrepreneur or living your dream life comes from Thoreau: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!  Live the life you’ve imagined.”

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