This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8


So in today’s blog challenge Natalie asked us to go out and do something fun, something we have wanted to do for a long time.

I’m not going to lie, I had trouble with this day. I literally read it and I said to myself… um, I really don’t have time for fun right now Natalie!

Let me explain my crazy life over the past month or so… my boyfriend quit his job and started his online company (which I help him with), I have really been driving this company of mine to succeed since my coaching course starts next month, my other business has a goal this month that I am very far from attaining, we just moved, my parents just came to visit (which was absolutely amazing, but not much time for work).

My days have looked something like this, wake up at 5 am and work, then go to my “day job,” which consists of chasing babies around for a few hours… it lights up my heart and soul but is quite tiresome! Then I come home and try to organize the boxes that are my house, then I work on whatever big projects I have then I usually fall asleep on the couch, computer in lap… phone in hand.

I know what you’re thinking… Megan, take something off your plate!!! But I seriously love it all! I love staying busy. I love always having something to do. But as I was thinking about that daily schedule I realized how exhausted I was, and that I know is never a good thing. So, then I changed my mind set and said I am going to have a fun day today!


This is going to sound crazy, but Andrew and I have lived in the same town for a year and we haven’t even explored it yet! I know, horrible, we live for travel and adventure and we go to new places every weekend and we haven’t even seen our backyard.

I used the day to treat myself, I got my hair done – which I haven’t done in about 6 months. I took a bubble bath and I even took a nap! I can’t tell you the last time I took a nap. I didn’t touch a box in my house, I didn’t work, I didn’t even write this post, I just relaxed.

And at night we went and explored our little town and we had an absolute blast!!!


We found the cutest little restaurant in the town square that had the most amazing burgers! I even had a yummy glass of sangria. Then we found the BEST bar ever… it’s an antique furniture store, turned bar. So we drank some craft beer on a $1000 table from Bali! So cool.

antique table

And then we found a little art gallery.


It was an absolutely perfect day and night, just what we both needed to unwind! Thanks Natalie 🙂