Productivity hacks for you to start being more effective in your new business! Staying productive is rough right?! Before you know it you get so overwhelmed that you just find yourself scanning through Facebook instead of doing what was on your to-do list. Shout out to you if you have 5 different tabs open right now and 50 different things you need to be doing!

First things first, before we get into the hacks, look at what needs to get done and what is happening instead. Sometimes when we need to be the most productive and we aren’t, we are actually avoiding something. But yes, sometimes we are just being lazy.


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Questions to ask yourself when you are lacking in the productivity department:

1. What is my priority right now?
2. What am I focusing on right now?
3. Why am I focusing on that instead? (Be real with yourself here)

Number three is the key here, and you may need to sit with it for a minute. Don’t just accept the answer “I don’t know.” Think about what is the task you have as a priority and what is distracting you right now. Are you allowing yourself to give into the distraction because there is fear in what you need to get done? Or are you allowing yourself to mindlessly give in to the distraction because you forgot about your focus?

Pay attention to what you are doing. Often we go through our day so mindlessly that we fall into distractions without us knowing. When you pay attention to what you are focusing on, you can truly show up for yourself. When you show up for yourself you are then available to give yourself the space for what you really need to focus on or to allow yourself the energy to push past what you are avoiding.

Once you are tuned in and can take note of when the productivity starts to be absent. Start implementing these five productivity hacks!


1. Write down your to-do’s!

You are more likely to get them done if you have them written down and schedule them in! Don’t just create a list and hope it disappears. Get it onto your calendar!

2. Leave yourself reminders

Write down things you need to avoid doing. Like “Stay off Facebook!” or “No Netflix until 5:00.” Stick these on little post it’s near your work station until it becomes a habit for you.

3. Set a timer

Set a timer for different activities. Need to engage on Facebook but don’t want to get sucked into your newsfeed? Set a timer for one hour to engage. After you schedule pieces into your calendar make sure you are following the time slots you have allowed yourself.

4. Celebrate when you finish!

We don’t celebrate our accomplishments enough! Take a minute to celebrate everything you have accomplished in one day. Do a happy dance after you finish a big project!

5. Turn your alerts off

How many times have you been busy working and DING a message comes through, then BING an email, then RING a call, then BING BING a Facebook notification…. You get the picture. Flip your phone on do not disturb and turn your computer notifications off!

Hooray for a more productive day! Start implementing these productivity hacks into your day and watch your to-do list shrink more and more.

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