This was the word I chose to live my year by. This was the word I chose to guide my decisions, to lead my heart and to live by more often.
New Year’s resolutions are not my thing. New Year’s resolutions made me feel pressured and often were forgotten by February. So when I read about choosing just one simple word to live by, I was intrigued. But how would I choose a simple word? And then I heard it, the word surrender. Someone said it in a podcast that I listen to and my soul lit up. I knew that was it and it was calling to me. And through my journey over the last two months of it, I think we could all afford to surrender a bit.

What is surrender? What does it mean to surrender to something? And what am I surrendering to?

For me I needed more than anything right now to surrender to knowing that life was going to go on as it should, and was going to happen how it was supposed to no matter what. I needed to surrender to the fact that I wouldn’t always have control and I needed to give in to the universe.
It’s funny. I never thought of myself as a control freak really, until I started a business. And then all of the sudden it was like the perfectionist that was bubbling inside of me started leaking out and I couldn’t stop it. I’ve always been a “what if-fer” but never one to perfect things. And I didn’t really notice it until I started saying things to myself like, “well I can’t release this yet because it is not perfect.” Or “I am not good enough to go after something like this.” And then I stopped and realized that I was trying to control things that weren’t in my hands.

As a creative all we can really do is put out what we believe in and the results will come. It’s not something to control and it’s not something that’s in your hands. But are the results of an action ever really in your hands?

Surrender to the results and more peace will come.