Hello there, lovely dream chasers! Welcome to my comfort zone challenge. Showing you how I pushed myself to take those first few steps into the scary world of change.

Doing things alone has been a common theme throughout my journey.  I’ve traveled alone, I’ve eaten in a restaurant alone, I’ve started a business alone. I like my time alone, but I have trouble publicly showing I like my time alone.
So this was a big one, I had an event to go to that involved 400+ women and I had no one to go with. WOAH. I’ve never been around a group of women that truly wanted to empower each other so I was scared but at the same time I didn’t think twice about going, because it was something that would better me as a business woman.
So I walk in to this event all alone and I walk a lap around the pool by myself looking for girls that were at this event with me. And I found a group and said, can I sit with you all? And it totally wasn’t a Mean Girls moment… “You can’t sit with us.”

I sat down and I made my first friends of the event! And I felt on top of the world when people said they felt my confidence from that moment. This was a huge step for me hearing a stranger tell you they see your improvements you have made to yourself is an amazing feeling, I was on top of the world!

Confidence is key in this journey. Find it first and the rest comes natural.