Hello there, lovely dream chasers! Welcome to my comfort zone challenge. Showing you how I pushed myself to take those first few steps into the scary world of change.
I wanted to create a space for women in business to help build each other up, network together and share tools to succeed. So I created my first meet up for women in business. I had never hosted an event before and I had never had people rely on me for conversation.

I drove to my first meet up, mostly in fear that no one would show up. And I would have this big table for 10 and be there all alone. So I show up and I have 5 girls waiting for me! I was thrilled and they were eager to learn. I had 10 people out of 17 show up and I took that as a huge win for me.

I took a leap and I just did it. I didn’t even spend my time thinking about what could go wrong this time because the answer simply was, nothing will go wrong.
My biggest win of the evening was when a girl said that night changed her confidence in her business and she felt so ready to work her biz. That was the best feeling in the world for me, knowing that I put together something that had changed someone’s life for the better.

If I had not taken that leap of faith and tried something completely new, I would have never known that feeling and I would have never moved on to my next step and created my dream.

That’s for next time though… until next time 🙂