Love and fear, the two emotions that guide all of our decisions. We’ve heard this concept ever since we were children; the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other, the voice in our head, our ego. No matter how we were taught about this concept, it is our decision making journey, it is love and fear telling us the way. More often than not we give in to our ego, we give in to that voice telling us to give up, we are letting our fear thoughts lead the way in our life.

Love tells you that you’ve got this.
Fear tells you to give in.

Love tells you to plant yourself in the present.
Fear tells you that the past is stuck to you forever.

Love tells you – you are enough.
Fear tells you – you are not worthy.

Love tells you how strong you are.
Fear tells you the mistakes you could make.

Love asks no questions.
Fear questions, what if?

Love has no doubts.
Fear is worry.

Love lifts you up.
Fear tells you to stay low, others might see.

Love guides.
Fear blocks.

It’s easy to give in to the fear. It’s easy to not even think about the other side, the love. It’s easy to say I’ll think about it tomorrow or I don’t think this is for me.

Stop to look at what your thoughts are telling you, instead of just going, going, going and notice if they are coming from a place of love or fear.

Start living for love. Here are three tips for stopping fear thoughts and transforming to thinking in a state of love:

1. When you see a decision coming up and you think you have the answer, stop to think, is this what love would do or fear?

2. If you become all tangled up in your own mind and your own problems, bring yourself back to the present moment and focus on solutions instead of problems.

3. If any anxiety comes up around getting outside of your comfort zone, stop to take some (real) deep breaths.