Hello, hello lovely dream chasers! I am so so so excited to be launching this series of what I have done to get out of my comfort zone! I know this is an issue that many women struggle with now; whether it’s because you think you are doing what you are “supposed to do,” you are doing what you have to do to survive (i.e. meeting your basic needs and being okay with it), or you’re just plain scared to press the go button on your life. I am here to help. My hope is that someone… anyone (at least one person) sees this and decides they need to take a risk, make a change. You’re not alone, I thought I was a weirdo for a long time. Still am but I can embrace it now 😉

This was me. Two years ago, I was in a dark and twisty part of my life and it took a lot of soul searching and finding me to learn that everything that was dark and scary was happening inside my comfy little comfort bubble. I was consistently feeling like I just wanted to scream but no one would hear me. There was nothing new, nothing exciting in my life, and I do not sit still well so I needed change but I was scared to actually commit to the change. Oh the irony of seeing and knowing you must take the initial step out of the comfort zone in order to feel relief.


My number one step I had to take was finding me, embracing where I came from and not letting my story define who I am or who I was going to be. I think this will be an important step in a lot of your journeys. Everyone has obstacles and it is so important to not let those obstacles define you. “Obstacles do not block the path, they are the path.”
For me this was so out of my comfort zone because I am an expert in masking and forgetting feelings. I always have, and probably always will, had the belief that: someone else has it worse than me, so why bother worrying about this? But after years of doing that I realized how much I had buried and how much it was effecting me. Years of putting on a big smile and being a ray of sunshine were catching up to me as I faded to rock bottom. Not even those close to me would have known the pain I was in. So to let myself feel, was so powerful. And after I let it all go, there was no stopping me.
What will make you embrace your story? For me it was journaling, more specifically writing letters to everyone I needed to say something to for closure, and one to myself. What is your space? How can you really let go?