You know those weeks when you just feel like you’ve been dealt a shitty hand? Those days when you keep thinking okay, “enough is enough.” You have to ask yourself, “why me?” Over and over again, while you grab the next carton of Oreo ice cream and press “Yes I Am Still Watching on Netflix once again.” When you feel like you’ve fallen into the black hole of emotion and you cannot pull yourself out?

Confession: we’ve all been there.

You are not alone. Life happens, like a lot, and we feel like we cannot pull ourselves out of it.

So why does this happen to us? Why does life deal us these crappy hands and give us all of this STUFF we can’t handle?!

FACT: You are never given more than you can handle.

You have just allowed yourself to believe that it is more than you can handle.

We feed ourselves these stories and beliefs about what it is exactly we can handle. And we get super cozy with those beliefs. We tell ourselves we can handle 30 doses of trauma in one month and that’s it… no more universe! We allow ourselves to spiral into the black hole of no return of negative emotion. But why?! Negative emotion takes just as much energy as a positive emotion. But it’s easier for us to buy into the story. Because it’s comfortable, it’s safe, it’s what we are used to.

We are human and we like to suffer.

It’s true. It’s easy for us, it keeps us nice and safe and guarded. Of course, no one would openly admit that they enjoy suffering. It’s just there, it became a part of us some time. When we suffer in our own pain or our state of fear, there are many payouts. We don’t have to face heavy emotions head on, we don’t have to try to come up with a solution, we won’t feel selfish for being happy when others are down, we don’t have to forgive or apologize. There are so many payouts for wallowing in our suffering. And then, at the end of the day, we wonder why we are so sad and why we have been handed too much.

Pain – is going to come. It is a part of life, we all go through it. Some much worse than others. Pain will come and go. But the thing is – we always have a choice.

Truth bomb: You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. And your happiness is up to absolutely no one or nothing around you.

So the next time life gives you almost “more than you can handle” try these life hacks:

Positive Mind = Positive Life
It’s the simple law of attraction. You think positive, you grow positively. It makes sense why we seem to drown in a bad day so easily. We are exuding negative energy so we get a negative input. The next time your day is taking a turn, think of three things you’re grateful for and sit with them. You can’t be grateful + frustrated at the same time.

Remember that you run this show
The next time you feel like you are falling remember that there is no power greater than your own mind. Your thoughts and your emotions are run by none other than the great and amazing YOU. One switch of the control panel and it’s happy jams for the rest of the day.

What is the lesson?
“Grow through what you go through.” Listen I get it. I know how easy it is to fall. I have been in the pits and I have seen rock bottom AND I have pulled out of it. Because it is not where the cool kids hang. Every single thing you go through holds a valuable lesson for you. You have the choice to let each situation pull you under or lift you up. Learn and scoot on.

Get uncomfortable
Yes. It’s comfy down here in the hole of emotions. We can cry and eat cake and have our own personal pity party. And you know what… I am all for crying it out! Do it. But the hard part is, putting your big girl pants on and getting up and on with life. It is uncomfortable to let it all go. We become the emotion. The blob that once was a beautiful human, is now the hot mess express on the couch in her sweats that can’t stop crying. And we are way too okay with that.

Get out of bed. Put your pretty lipstick on. Comb your hair. Smile uncomfortably big until you believe it. Paint yourself with positivity every single day. And when life comes at you again, get uncomfortable with being okay with it all over again. Until that feeling, that happy girl feeling, is the easy part for you.

You deserve the world girl. No more or less than I do. You deserve it all, you really do.