Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?



– Danielle LaPorte


Are you stuck in a job that doesn’t bring purpose to your life?
Counting the seconds on the clock until you can race home, or call it a weekend?
Have you totally stopped taking care of you?
Stopped going to the gym or yoga or that fitness class you love?
Stopped listening to your body and mind?
Are you constantly daydreaming or sifting through Pinterest, searching for how you could be living?
Or dreaming of a life of travel and adventure, but you just keep telling yourself that you can’t?
Have you become so fearful of people’s judgments that you don’t even bother to try
Or are you telling yourself that this life is all you are worthy of when you know there is so much more out there?
Have you been doing everything thus far to please your parents or your friends or anyone other than you?

Are you feeling like you were made for more?

It is time to let go.

Time to let go of the fears

Time to let go of expectations of what you “should be doing”

Time to let go of tripping into the future.

It is time to be YOU.

How do I know…

I’ve been there. 

I’ve let my fears and own limiting beliefs hold me back.

I went to college for five years just because it was what my parents told me I had to do, only to graduate and feel more lost than ever. I dropped everything I loved to do because the world told me I wouldn’t make it with those talents. Even though I loved to create and I had a passion for writing and photography, everyone said I wouldn’t make it with that as my career, so I dropped it.

I stopped listening to my own body. I ignored any feelings of pain that I had and carried them with me everywhere I went. I let people define my kindness for weakness and let them break me down. I wore myself out going to parties and social events so that I fit in when I just wanted to stay in.

And despite all of that – I have brought myself back up. Now I live for me, unapologetically.


What does this look like?!

You can finally ditch that 9-5 for something that you truly love.

Maybe you want to live out of a suitcase visiting beaches around the world!

Booking that plane ticket!

Loving your body for what it is, always.

Signing up for that Pilates package you have been eyeing for years!

Speaking at events around the world.

Connecting with your soul sisters.

You can finally create that platform to share your thoughts with the world.

Creating a business that is your very own!

Together we can discover life outside of your comfort zone.

Life without boundaries or limits.

A life that you love!

Together we will…

Discover what fear and limiting beliefs are holding you in place

Press play on a life designed for you

Start living out of love and not fear

Tap into your inner creative

and so much more.

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What people are saying:

There is so much I could say about Megan’s coaching program. She gave me the push I needed to take action in my life and to realize my true passions. She helped me come up with new ways to manage my time and ways to work on myself on a daily basis. The biggest change I saw was my confidence in myself. Before starting this program, I didn’t know where I was headed, I didn’t know what I wanted out of life, and I didn’t know why I wasn’t happy. 

 And now, I am sure. I am confident in myself and I know that I already have everything I need to be the person that I am meant to be. Megan helped me get rid of all of the negative things I used to say to myself all the time. I used to have pretty bad anxiety on a daily basis and now it is minimal. Even the people closest to me have all noticed that I seem happier and more at peace with my life. Thank you so much Megan. I can’t express my gratitude enough!

When Megan and I connected, I was feeling overwhelmed and burnt out in my current job and was ready to make a shift toward creating my own business. That being said, I was completely overwhelmed with where to start. I was unsure of my target market, of how to go about creating a website, and of how to brand and market myself. Megan’s bubbly and positive personality coupled with her extensive background and knowledge of business development helped me realize that she was the perfect coach to support me with my specific goals.The biggest change that I’ve witnessed for myself is without a doubt a greater sense of confidence and a willingness to put myself and my gifts out into the world. I have found that with each passing day, I step a little bit further outside of my comfort zone and closer toward the life that I have always dreamt for myself. Without Megan’s support, there is no doubt that I would likely still be dreaming my dreams. Her support has allowed me to create and begin living them! For that, I will be forever grateful!