It’s something that a lot of people lack, seek, and don’t even realize they are missing out on.

Confidence is an amazing quality to have and I think so many people get confused and think that they can’t have confidence because they are shy, quiet, not unique enough (or insert any other label you give yourself).

But the thing is, confidence isn’t something that we have. Confidence is something that we create through our efforts and actions.

You lose that idea of creating confidence as you create those limiting stories and beliefs about yourself. Whether you were bullied in grade school, had a toxic relationship, were taught to play small and lay low, or just never learned to use your voice. You lost the idea of creating confidence in your life.

But your confidence is still there. You just have to step into your truth. 

I never thought I would be a confident woman. I thought I was too quiet, too introverted, too small. But the reality was, I was using those labels as excuses. So that I didn’t have to own up to the story so that I could step into what I actually wanted. The truth was stepping into what I actually wanted, scared the shit out of me.

But I thought… at 23 years old, is it too late to find my confidence?! NO! It is never too late. You can step into your confidence today, right now.

I just needed to find my truth. And so do you.

Where are you living your life with a mask on? Where are you not being true to who you really are? To find your confidence you must be your true authentic self and own that truth. There is no time to waste wearing masks and pretending to be something you are not. Live life for you!

What were my truths?

– I believe that women everywhere are living in a place in between their dreams and reality, and the one thing they need is the action.
– Your comfort zone is resistance to a life you actually love and that is the most uncomfortable act of them all.
– I can and I will serve these women who are stuck in between. I will share my message with the world and I will help make dream lives into realities.
– The world is so much bigger than we know, and it is meant to be explored. As I explore I will learn more and more about myself and my message.

And so much more. 

Once I stepped into those messages, I stepped into those truths. The confidence just flowed. I knew I had to share this with the world and the more I put out the easier it became. You just simply have to begin and then you will be unstoppable.

As you live in your truths, you ditch the mask you have been wearing and you say, “this is me, take it or leave it.” Your confidence will show up.

The more authentic you are – the more confident you are. And by living a life in between what you think you want and what you know you want – you aren’t living in full authenticity. So when the authenticity can shine through and show up in your life and work – the confidence will come. Confidence is a result, not a requirement to have. We gain confidence by putting in the time, and by committing to ourselves.

Ready to create your confidence? 

Come up with three truths for yourself and commit to living in those truths every single day.

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