This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7.  
Procrastination and overwhelm, oh how I know you two so well and wish I didn’t.
I’ve always been a procrastinator. Last minute work is my jam. And I will say that I do work well on a time line, now it doesn’t need to be a couple of hours fighting to get a project done, but saying this is your deadline and you have to have it finished by then.

However I have found myself in business putting things off until “tomorrow” a lot. It’s definitely overwhelming to have all of the information laid out in front of you only to have it changed the next day in a new webinar. And it is overwhelming to create something that sometimes the people closest to you don’t always understand.

So how do you cut through this? How do you break through the procrastination and overwhelm?

Well I would have to say it is different for everyone.

For me, it’s keeping my creative wheels turning, keeping the ideas fresh.
So my imperfect action that I will take everyday is to journal it out, every morning. Whatever is on my mind. Whether I find a really cool prompt (like these awesome blog challenges) or I just have something on my mind. I just need to release it all to keep my mind full of fresh ideas. I always find my best ideas piggy-backing off another one!

P.s. Join in on this awesome blog challenge with me! It’s never too late to take a journey in self exploration 🙂