The life hack I used to find my passion was a search I went on starting in my 5th year of college.

I knew there had to be more. I knew I was made for more. After years of doing everything because I thought I was “supposed to” I was ready for a change. A BIG one. I was ready for something to light me up again. I hated when people asked me, “what do you enjoy doing?” Because I had NO FREAKING IDEA!

I wasted so much time in majors I didn’t even like. I wasted so much time living life for other people.

Life was moving forward, and I wasn’t. I wanted to have a purpose! I wanted to wake up so excited to jump out of bed in the morning to get to whatever I was working on. I was exhausted. So tired of living a life that I wasn’t happy with. So tired of living a life that felt like it had no purpose.

Are you ready to find your passions?

I know you are ready to step into more. That is why you are here. You want to step into more, you want to step into something you are actually passionate about.

So are you ready for the simple life hack I used to find my passions?

I stopped telling myself I don’t know what to do. And I started looking at what I do want to do. I was so caught up in the not knowing and the unknown and that is what was holding me back. And it is holding you back too. The more you tell yourself you don’t know what you want to do, guess what… the more you WON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

How to dive into your passions…

You have to start with what you do know. Make a list of things that you actually enjoy doing. They don’t have to be things you are “good” at on paper or they can be. Just make sure you actually have fun doing these things!

Your passion lies in what you actually love doing!

I was so busy worrying about how I could make a good amount of money, how I could have a secure future, how I could land a good job.

Your comfort zone will hold you back from fully stepping into your passions.

So call your self out! Where are you holding yourself back? Where is your comfort zone trying to keep you secure?

Instead, focus on how you can challenge yourself. Focus on how you can expand into what you have fun with doing! And add a little more of that into every day. Do you love cooking? Take some cooking classes or commit to trying a new recipe 5 times a week. Find out if it’s something that you would REALLY enjoy for the long term.

Do you love writing? Start a blog just to get your thoughts out there. You’d be surprised what that can turn into!

Simply start with what you love and test the waters with it! When you start adding more happiness into every day your passion will become more and more clear.

The life hack I used to find my passion was simple: I shifted my mindset from I have no idea?! — To I am excited to explore what really lights me up and then I moved on from there!

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