It’s everyone’s goal right?? To make the BEST year yet! So is there a secret formula to this?? Is there a magic, ‘I’ll snap my fingers and this will happen experience’… If anyone knows of something like this, can you please pass it on??

But you can create your perfect year if you set your mind to it. Here’s the top five steps to create your flawless year!

1 Set your goals high
Dig in deep and dream big. Write down everything you want to happen in this brand new year. No dream is too big; if you want it, you can make it happen. Define what you want to accomplish and break it down so you know where to begin.

2 Bring a lot of sunshine  
Time to define what makes you happy, what brings the sunshine? Get clear on what you need to bring to your life to create happiness every single day.

3 Fill your year with love
Start asking  yourself the question, what would love do? Start your 2017 days with so much love and gratitude!

4 What are you going to do for you?
Sometimes we get so caught up with how we are going to create this amazing year and we forget all about ourselves. When are you going to set aside some ‘you’ time? Whether it be a new meditation routine in the mornings or a new workout class every week or even a spa trip once a month. How will you take care of you this year?

5 Get ready for some change
How are you going to start jumping out of your comfort zone this year? It’s time to stop living for everyone else and start living for you. How we get there might feel a little uncomfortable at first, and that is totally okay.
Get ready this year to try some new things, rock some new goals and leave your comfort zone at home… where it belongs!