Monthly Meet Up Recap: Missed Goals

December 21, 2016

It’s that time! Time to update you on my fabulous meet up with some wonderful women in business.
This month we talked a lot about goal setting and what happens when you, unfortunately, don’t hit your goals.

It can be a big bummer when you take time on a beautiful goal for the month and then you just miss it. It can cause a lot of doubt in yourself and future fear of failure. Anyone in business knows this feeling all too well.

Instead of succumbing to those negative feelings, take this moment to praise yourself for the success you did have and recap over what you could have done differently. And never compare yourself to others around you. That will be the thief of any celebration you want to have. Ask yourself these questions to get your next month kick started:

Above all, know that you were enough and you worked your butt off for that goal.

Now ask yourself, what can I try differently this month?

How can I reach my goal this time?

Do I need to try something new or refresh my old methods a little?

Do I need to get back to the basics and find what I left out?

Do I need to reevaluate my schedule and the time that I put into my work?

Know that you did not fail and never decrease your goals, just increase your effort! Do not let your previous month’s miss carry over to your next month. You can rock your biz!
Happy goal setting!


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