One time someone told me I was bad at math. I don’t really remember when or who exactly, or if it was one exact moment. I remember having a tutor when I was in third grade. I remember the teacher saying I was slower than average. I remember being put in the lowest math class in elementary school. I remember the other kids going to the gifted and talented program for math & science while I stayed in the classroom. I was bad at math.

At least that was the belief I was given. And I carried that with me for the rest of my schooling career.

And it was so funny, because in college I kept getting A’s and B’s in my math courses… so I was “good” on paper. And people would ask me for help and I would say “oh, I’m not good at math.”

Because that is what I was taught to believe about myself. So I never even tried. I never even put in the effort.
When you limit yourself, when you set up these invisible boundaries like; I’m not good at that, I can’t learn that, I’m not worth this or that. You will never get to where you want to be, you won’t even have the motivation to try.

Change your outlook on it.

My boyfriend is a math whiz, and he has never looked at me and told me I’m bad at math. He’s never laughed at me for not knowing an answer that comes easy for him. Instead he says look here’s how you do it. Now you try. And I do and I get it right, and he says see you’re better at math than you think! And I am slowly but surely changing my belief in it.

Sure, I’m not going to go off and be an accountant or a math teacher now but why waste your time telling yourself your bad at something? What good is that doing for you?

You may be holding onto some of these beliefs and not even know it. Don’t let them hold you back! Changing them will boost your confidence, open your mind to more positivity and ultimately get you closer to your goals.