It’s no secret that I am obsessed with goals! I love goal setting! I didn’t always though. I used to get overwhelmed with my goals and I didn’t know what to do with them. 

My top keys to goal setting success are:

1 The breakdown 

2 Your organization 

3 Roll over 🙂 
Managing your goals
The Breakdown

The problem with my goal setting before was that they were plans not goals! What’s the difference?! Plans are big detailed action points that you need to do. Sounds pretty overwhelming right?! Goals are inspiring, goals are what you WANT to work towards! They are what you truly desire. Goals can still be pretty big though right?! And that’s where the breakdown comes in. 

So the first of the month you want to set your big goals, I say 3-5 big goals for the month and then each week you break them down and then you create your daily to-dos! 

Much less overwhelming right?! 

Your organization 


It’s the most important thing you can do to complete them. We have enough going on in our day to day. We don’t need to put pressure on our goals. These are things we desire. These are goals that we will achieve so that we can design our dream lifestyle. They don’t deserve the pressure. 

Write them down and look at them everyday! Plus when you get them down on paper, it will be easy to create the breakdown. 

Roll over! 

Stop getting frustrated that you didn’t complete all your tasks. It is okay. You do the best you can do and that is all you can do. 

It is important to know that you can roll over your goals to the next month. Just means you need to reevaluate the breakdown! 

Your goals need a special place they need attention and space for intention. A GREAT planner is a tool to success!

I have been on the hunt for a perfect planner for a long time. I need one that is easy to travel with, one with space for my daily activities and one with room for my goal breakdown. 

Enter inspired year planner! 

It is absolute perfection and makes your goals feel easy and effortless. Plus it’s gorgeous! 

My favorite qualities in it are absolutely the goal breakdown (of course)

And the quotes throughout it, perfect for inspiring you to get to the end goal! 

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Good luck! And happy goal planning!