Wake up and smell the coffee!

How you begin your morning is going to determine the rest of your day. You need to check your thoughts, feelings and your heart before your start your day. You want your morning to begin with light, love and positivity to carry on your day.

Think of it this way; if you begin your day checking your website stats and you don’t see what you want on that amazing article you posted the day before then you have automatically started your day off on a negative note.
This was me… guilty.

I would wake up and check my sales, and have zero. Or check my email for a response I’ve been waiting for, and it’s not there.  Why would we do this to ourselves?!
Stop with the toxic habits! Start your day with positivity and watch the rest of your day unfold with happiness.

Here are 10 refreshed ways to start your mornings:

1. Feel
Instead of hopping right out of bed and getting straight to work. Wake up and be grateful for another beautiful day, feel how wonderful your sheets feel wrapped around you and take in a few big deep breaths with a smile on the side.

2. Guided Meditation
I used to look at meditation as something I could not do, I used to think I was not right for it. Until I stopped looking at it like something you had to be good at and something I needed to practice. Look for a guided routine that suits you and your mind, and know that thoughts are a part of meditation.

3. Did you remember to breath? 
This is another technique that I snubbed my nose to at first. I thought I can’t be good at this. I take a few seconds in the shower and count my breaths up to 10 and back down. This grounds me in the present and gets me ready for the day.

4. Journal
I LOVE writing it out. If you are a writer I really recommend taking just 1 minute out of your morning to write what is on your mind. And I encourage you to write, even if you think you are not a writer because well, practice makes perfect.

5. Be Still
Grab your coffee or smoothie, or whatever your cup of tea is… See what I did there?? Ha ha… And just be, for just a moment, before you get on with your busy day.

6. Listen
Grab your favorite podcast or a TED talk to start the day with some motivation. Or grab your favorite jams and start out your day with a 30 second dance party.

7. Sweat it out
When in doubt, sweat it out. Go on a run or a walk or workout, whatever your jam is. Start your day with the endorphins pumping!

8. Stretch it out
Streeeeeeeeeeetch. That’s what my mom used to tell me to do right when I woke up. Get those joints moving, don’t mope around. Or find a yoga class that you love!

9. Eat!
Do you know how many people skip breakfast?! This is like my favorite meal of the day and you have to eat to get your day started! Grab some yogurt, eggs, cereal, smoothie, pancakes… Eat something!

10. Be grateful
When’s the last time you thought about what you were thankful for? When’s the last time you truly thought about everything you love in your life? Try making that your first thought for the day! That’s a gorgeous way to start the day!

How do you start your mornings?