Setting goals is so so so important for stepping outside of your comfort zone! No matter how big or small, I put that right up there with making a to-do list. I’m lost without either of those. And I did not realize how lost I was without them until I started writing them down. And when I say write down, I mean it has to be in a certain spot, every time or I will not get it done.

So first things first, find out where you want to keep track of everything! Personally everything for me has to be hand written, I tried doing it on the iPhone, I bought an iPad specifically for to-do lists and calendars and it did not work, I tried logging into my MacBook and it didn’t work either. So I have a notebook for to-do lists, an agenda for calendar and it has to be a specific type and a giant white board for goal setting that I have to walk by every single day.

Let’s talk about how great this practice is first. I have a big white board that my boyfriend and I split, we write our goals for the month on this and it is right next to our front door in our living room so that we have to see it every time we leave house and when we are sitting on the couch being lazy it is something we have to look at. Now I’m not saying don’t rest, and constantly let your goals haunt you, but it’s good motivation to keep in your mind. If you have trouble not meeting your goals, I definitely recommend this practice for creating a goal and sticking to it!

It is proven that if you write something down you are more likely to remember it and accomplish it. So where will you write down your goals to make yourself remember?

Next, find an accountability partner or a couple! Having my boyfriend’s goals written right next to mine, helps us to encourage each other. I also have a mentor I tell them to and a wonderful life coach. Who are you going to tell to help make sure you stick to your goals?! Tell us your next goal big or small in the comments if you’d like! Sharing your goals publicly can be nerve wracking but can definitely motivate you even more because you feel like you have to get them done!

Here… I’ll go first!

My current summer goal is to read a book a week! Currently reading: What the Dog Saw.


Happy goal planning!