Hello there, lovely dream chasers! Welcome to week three of my comfort zone challenge. Showing you how I pushed myself to take those first few steps into the scary world of change. Spoiler Alert: this week is kind of sappy!
I realized after last week that I missed such an opportune moment of stepping out of my comfort zone. The move that started it all.

I started dating the love of my life, after I had done a lot of finding me. It was like he was placed into my life at the most perfect time ever. I had picked myself up, pieced myself back together and most importantly I loved me. I didn’t know what I wanted out of my life but I decided that was okay and if you rush your purpose, your purpose might not make sense.

So here comes this man that I met in freshman biology class popping up everywhere. He was so cute, it made me turn into a little school girl every time I ran into him. I would turn the other direction and my face would get all red or I would awkwardly laugh when he flashed a smile my way. No way that this guy would like this little girl that’s just pieced herself back together. But he just kept showing up and do you ever feel so strongly like something is put in your life for a reason? Something was pushing me to do the impossible. Say “hello” to him.

I had just figured out me and now I was going to tackle all of my anxieties at once?! Talking to not only a stranger, but like the cutest stranger ever… I know what you’re thinking, just suck it up girl, it’s just a guy! But he’s like really cute… and I’m like really nerdy.

I’m sitting at my parent’s house one night, I’ll never forget this moment. I’m dog sitting and here pops up this guy again! And I’m like okay…I’m going to say hi, on Facebook, that’s like super non-committal and he can’t see my face turn bright red or my hands shaking. Okay but I’ve never hit on a guy before so what do I even say?! So I’m sitting here in the living room of my childhood home, like a crazy lady, voicing my anxieties aloud to… my dog. And I went with this.. “So Glad you stopped posting beach pics you were making me extremely jealous :)”

Yeah… I know, I’m smooth. And I threw my phone down and I freaked out silently and I said to myself, I’m not even going to look at my phone until the next morning. And the rest is history people.

And let me tell you, that decision, was so uncomfortable but began the start of something amazing. He brings out the best of me and I bring out the best of him. We brought out dreams in each other we didn’t even know we had. We are each other’s biggest cheerleaders, supporting every next move we have. He’s my motivation when I’m down, my support system when I’m doing the impossible. Without him these ideas I had probably never would have been a reality. After years of searching for prince charming all it took was a little soul searching and a lot of perfect timing. And it was all just a step outside of my comfort zone.

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