I am so overwhelmed with emotion right now. I just left a beyond amazing summit with 400+ women in business, truly there to inspire one another and share common goals. Maybe it’s the gallons of coffee I’ve had this weekend, the lack of sleep, seemingly endless drives or the amount of hormones in one room. Either way I am inspired. Or energized. Or maybe losing it. Writing is my channel I turn to when I am overwhelmed so I thought; can this, will this be my first blog post?! Yes. It will. The answer to everything the rest of this year is “Yes Megan, you can.” I’ll keep it short and sweet.

You see my life has been a series of internal cannots. No Megan, you cannot do that. You cannot step outside that comfort bubble. You cannot daydream about that, it will never happen. You cannot be that, you will fail and everyone will see. But what if I can? What will happen if I can?

“Everything you ever wanted is one step outside your comfort zone.”

Everything I told my self I could not do, I am doing. I took a step back from my life and realized the bubble had to go. I was nesting into this comfort bubble of mine… yes I call it a bubble instead of a zone; because well bubbles are cooler and you can pop bubbles, you have to break free from a zone, meet Megan Logic.

Starting something new is terrifying, but that’s where you find the joy in it too. Once you take that initial leap you will not stop running. Your comfort bubble is safe, it’s easy, sometimes it’s dangerous. But when you leave it full force two feet on the ground beautiful things will happen. Don’t be afraid and never underestimate the power of everyone around you!

I challenge you: 

Reach out to someone who inspires you, the power of inspiration goes a long way.
Do one thing this week that scares you a little and excites you a lot, baby steps!
Start each day with a positive thought or a positive affirmation, I have learned over the last month how far the law of attraction can go.

facing challenges